Seneca Sigel Mutual Insurance Co.


Seneca, Sigel Rudolph Insurance Company was organized on April 13, 1891 with a six member board of directors; it is now a nine member board. The name of the company was changed to Seneca, Sigel Mutual Insurance Company in 1970. Reinsurance was discussed in 1931 but was not implemented until September 1940. The company levied assessments until June of 1961; on June 13, 1961 the company changed to advanced premium billing. Seneca, Sigel joined the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies in 1974. Harold Mueske, the company secretary, conducted all of the insurance business from his home until 1977 when the present building was purchased. In 2003 an addition was built that doubled the size of the office. There were three employees in 1979: the manager, receptionist and book-keeper. The company now has three full-time employees; the general manager, one claims/underwriter and one policy processor/underwriter. There are also three part-time employees; two inspectors and one book-keeper/policy processor. The inspection program was established in 1982 and continues today. The first computer was purchased in 1989 which was thought to be more of a curse than a blessing at the time! There are now 29 agencies that represent the company. In April of 2016 Seneca, Sigel proudly celebrated 125 years of service to our agents and insureds.